MalaYachts is the Very First Yachting Company to Introduce Overnight Stay on a Luxury Yacht in Dubai

Overnight Stay at Yacht

The Mala Yacht now offers to have a night over on their affluent yacht and experience the splendor of rising sun.

Mala Yacht is famous for introducing something one-off every time. Whether it is on the season or off-season, Mala Yacht will always be there with catchy deals. This time, MalaYachts providing an opportunity of making memories with family and friends in an entirely newest way.

Guests have the chance to stay on a yacht with loved ones while enjoying food and music. Take selfies, update stories, go live or simply enjoy the exquisite yacht. 

“This was an overly unique experience when we stayed for a night on this yacht. Witnessing the sparkling yellow sun mounting from the midst of the sea is something unforgettable for the rest of life. We had music and food for the whole night due to which we never got bored,” told a regular client.

It shows that clients appreciate this newfangled service from the Mala Yacht and they want to attempt it. The management seemed confident as well. The director of operations, Syed Tariq, said, “We have introduced this service to provide an absolute distinctive facility to our clients other than just roaming around the sea. The rates are also very economical, and guests do not feel burdened by them. There is ongoing entertainment for the whole night so that guests remain charged up when the sun rises. While staying with MalaYachts for the night, the yacht has onboard facilities to roast the BBQ and toast taste buds while taking steps on favorite music. The most stimulating thing about the overall stay will be that guests will get to see the sunrise and enjoy when jumping into the deep sea for swimming. Some of the guests love to go fishing when the sun is going up and have them for breakfast.”  

There are several packages available for an overnight stay on a yacht in Dubai, and some of them are totally affordable. Not only that, guests get a discount as high as of 20 to 30 percent, which is not available with the usual yachts.

About MalaYachts

Mala Yacht is famous for offering brilliant yacht packages to its clients in Dubai. The company deals in yacht tours, water sports, yacht event management and adventure charters as well. Interested clients can reach to them by whatsapping, calling or visiting their office.

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